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Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei – V2 – Bangaihen Translation Notes

Greetings all. While I did leave the terminology mostly intact, I took the liberty of translating rather liberally based on my understanding of the “science” behind all the “magic” that I gained after reading the first twelve volumes multiple times at different times (albeit in English). Hence, they will be described differently to Baka-Tsuki’s glossary page which has not been updated in a while (I believe), nor has it been standardised.

The main point of this page is due to my desire to translate the glossary (anew) and in particular, the 10 Master Clans entry. Satou Tsutomu-sensei has already named all the 28 families. Also of note, is that this entry is included in the Light Novels as well. Do note that there is a potential for the readings or characters to change at the author’s whims. Furthermore, I have expressed the names using a mix of the “word-processor” and a more conventional romanisation. I may end up choosing a different one for canon.

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