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Urgent Recruitment Post

Hi all,

To our followers and readers of the manga we release:

We are in dire need of translators to continue the series you love and editors (typesetters, cleaners, and redrawers) to help push out releases faster and move on to newer projects for y’all. Check out the open positions page to see what needs help: http://mangaichiscans.mokkori.fr/open-positions/

Much of our staff is busy due to real life and us getting older so please consider helping out! We are currently not recruiting any proofreaders at this time. However, if you are an experienced quality checker (must have experience with other groups prior), we are willing to consider that possibility.

Team MSD

Release #225 – Ayane Never Makes an Error Chapter 11 + Extras – End of Volume 2

Hello, everyone, this release concludes the second volume and the end of our available raws. The third and last volume is forthcoming, but I do not know how soon since the translator is no longer available at the moment. So, please enjoy this Ayane release for the time being.

With that said, please join the whole MSD team and bid farewell to one of our most recent active translators, Saiyaku. She basically revived the Mahouka Kyuukousenhen and initiated our newer Raihousen arcs.  We wouldn’t have had such quality releases if it wasn’t for her. We hope everything is okay and wish good tidings for her and the future to come!

Please consider applying. We need more translators to help keep our projects running unless we are going to run into more stalls and delays on our part.

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