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Release #353 – Tensei Shichatta yo! (Iya, gomen) Volume 3 Chapter 18

Hello everyone,

I know people have been waiting for this one and we have delivered! Here you go! Note, these are HQ, so the file size is pretty high because we included some bonus pages as well since we got the actual tankobon for volume 3.

Announcement!!! We really need a new translator for this series. If we do not get a translator, unfortunately we will have no choice but to drop this series. It’s not realistic to keep working on this series if we no longer have staff for it.

Until next time. I hope  all of you are enjoying the summer!

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Release #351 – Liar’s Paradox Chapter 74.4

Hello everyone,

Enjoy some more Liar’s Paradox. Remember to go thank Let it Go Scans and Norway Scan for the continued help.

See you next time!

Recruitment notice: everyone, we need translators for Koroshi Ai, Monogatari no Naka no Hito, 7o3x, Seishun Scrap!, and Asterisk Gaiden! Please apply. We may need backup translators for projects whose translators have since vanished like Rengoku no Karma and Tensei Shichatta yo!

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Recruitment Notice

Hi everyone,

No release today but there will be some soon! This post is in regards to applicants and recruitment. We currently need translators for Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!, Monogatari no Naka no Hito, a permanent translator for Revolt, Rengoku no Karma, and a permanent translator for Asterisk Gaiden. If you know any translators or anyone who loves manga and wants to learn how to translate, send them our way! We also need more cleaners and redrawers to push out releases faster and ensure they don’t fall into oblivion like Yuutousei……

Also! The most important part for new applicants and recruitment. If possible, please come inquire about joining on Discord and introduce yourself there and state what you want to do and what projects interest you and that you want to work on. Applicant emails get lost frequently and we always don’t have time to respond to them right away. More often than not, the email gets forgotten and you never hear back from us. That is common in most groups. It is much easier if you contact us directly on Discord, and we expect members to be active at least on Discord so we can communicate and work together and enjoy our time translating manga.

Have a great week!


Release #327 – Mahouka koukou no Rettousei – Kyuukousenhen (Nine Schools Competition Arc) Volume 5, Chapter 26

More Mahouka is here! Get your daily dose of Miyuki splendor.

More after the jump.

In other news… we need translators for Asterisk Gaiden and Monogatari no naka no hito!

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Release #324 – Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! Chapter 6

Hello, here is the next chapter of your favorite isekai series. We are not late as the next chapter is not out yet! The next chapter will be out on 9/25. Enjoy the chapter.

We need translators. The current translator for this project is busy IRL and we may need a new one or temporary replacement until he gets back. If you or someone you know would be interested in helping translate or edit, please guide them here. Much appreciated.

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Urgent Recruitment Post

Hi all,

To our followers and readers of the manga we release:

We are in dire need of translators to continue the series you love and editors (typesetters, cleaners, and redrawers) to help push out releases faster and move on to newer projects for y’all. Check out the open positions page to see what needs help: http://mangaichiscans.mokkori.fr/open-positions/

Much of our staff is busy due to real life and us getting older so please consider helping out! We are currently not recruiting any proofreaders at this time. However, if you are an experienced quality checker (must have experience with other groups prior), we are willing to consider that possibility.

Team MSD

Release #225 – Ayane Never Makes an Error Chapter 11 + Extras – End of Volume 2

Hello, everyone, this release concludes the second volume and the end of our available raws. The third and last volume is forthcoming, but I do not know how soon since the translator is no longer available at the moment. So, please enjoy this Ayane release for the time being.

With that said, please join the whole MSD team and bid farewell to one of our most recent active translators, Saiyaku. She basically revived the Mahouka Kyuukousenhen and initiated our newer Raihousen arcs.  We wouldn’t have had such quality releases if it wasn’t for her. We hope everything is okay and wish good tidings for her and the future to come!

Please consider applying. We need more translators to help keep our projects running unless we are going to run into more stalls and delays on our part.

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