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Release #365-368 – Happy New Year 2019 Releases

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! I hope the new year will be prosperous for you all!

To celebrate, we have some releases for you today.

First up is some Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Daburu Seben Hen! It’s been a while… we have all been busy with our real lives outside of this space and the redraws were terribly unholy. Please enjoy!

Credit: PKX, Mitsuru-kun, Grace, Kenlei, and Psychorhythm

Next, we have the last chapter of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Kyuukousenhen.

It’s been a blast to work on for the past four years. This was kick started by Kai back in 2014 when we decided to race against Mangastream. We are not nearly as fast as them but I hope we did the series justice. I want to thank Kai, Saiyaku, Oniisama, and PKX for translating the series, Zephyrial, Volandum, and PriceR for proofreading the scripts, Psychorhythm for editing throughout, Kago, Joneki, Psyren, Kai, Kenlei, TheLove_Cleaner, and Bundee for cleaning, Verik, Himesaminako, Viscoun, Saiyaku and especially Kenlei for helping out with the redraws especially for the last chapter, Jolan, Kris, and Taeko for typesetting, and Kai, PKX, Himesaminako, Bluesky and Psychorhythm for checking the quality of the series until the end. Lastly, thanks for all our readers and fans on this site in the comments and on Facebook for the continued support.

Until next time!

Credit: Kai, Zephyrial, Kago, Verik, Kenlei, Jolan, and Psychorhythm

11:24 AM

Here are the next two chapters of Rengoku no Karma! This concludes the third volume. We are into the second arc of the story, enjoy! Huge thanks to Suga for doing so much redrawing… they were truly unholy chapters. Thanks to Psychorhythm and Volandum for helping out during the very tricky QC.

Credits: Kai, Chairo, Kago, Suga, Mitsuru-kun, Psychorhythm, and Volandum

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Release #360-361 – Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei Volume 4, Chapter 23 [END] and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Kyuukousen hen Volume 5, Chapter 31

Hello everyone,

Here is the very delayed and long-awaited final chapter from us of Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This concludes the fourth volume and ends our work on this series on a rather good note. The series is licensed in English by Yen Press so please go buy this wonderful manga and support the manga and the people who bring you the Mahouka universe. It’s been a blast to work on. Huge thanks to Flint who provided us with raws, PKX and Bundee who worked on the script, Psychorhythm who mangaged, cleaned, redrew, and QC the series, Kago and Bluesky who helped clean the series, and Kristjan, Imomo, and Lemmieh who helped typeset.

Credits: PKX, Bundee, Kago, Imomo, Psychorhythm and Mitsuru-kun

AND we also have the second to last chapter of NSCA! Expect this series to be finally wrapped up soon. Then we can solely focus on D7 and Summer.  More after the jump!

Credits: Kai, Zephyrial, Kago, Verik, Jolan and Psychorhythm

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