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Release #358 – Rengoku no Karma Chapter 20


Happy October! Big shout out and thanks to E87131 for helping out on the redraws! Here is the next and unfortunately last chapter of Rengoku no Karma from us….  because we no longer have a translator working on the series. Spread the word that we are looking for a translator! For now, this series is now dropped! Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, because for me personally, working on this series is kind of stressful and I am a sensitive person… it was difficult to work on at times.

We are recruiting translators and redrawers! We are currently not recruiting anything else as we are lacking in translators… and recruiting cleaners, typesetters, and proofreaders is to no one’s benefit if we have no scripts for them to work off of! We need translators to help work on our series and redrawers to help work on stuff stuck in quality control (need redraws)…. to revive our little group.

Anyway, have a great October and Happy Halloween! (we will probably not release anything again anytime soon :P).

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