Release #178 – Mahou Sensou Chapter 12

Hey all!

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!! It’s finally a release of a (new) Mahou Sensou chapter! Unfortunatly…

This is our last release of this series. As some people may know this series is being released by Book Walker.  Their releases are actually ahead of ours, but we decided to finish up the last chapter of this volume (even though it has been a horribly long time since we actually updated this series).

Thank you to everyone who has followed along all this time! I hope you enjoyed ourselves and continue to enjoy the series via Book Walker.

Mahou Sensou - Volume 03 Chapter 12: White Wolf and Cherry Blossom


4 thoughts on “Release #178 – Mahou Sensou Chapter 12”

  1. Thanks for your work on the series. I didn’t know another group was releasing for this title, so I guess I’m going to have to look into them as a replacement.

    1. I think it should be pointed out that the series is licensed in English, so the “group” is a digital publisher.

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