12 thoughts on “Release #71 – Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen Chapter 1”

  1. Okay, I’m hooked already. Excellent choice fellas.

    Also, that doesnt seem like a Yandere to me, Kuudere maybe?

    1. Card: Super Traumatic Kiss
      Skill/Effect: Performs a powerful traumatizing kiss making the target unable to move.
      Aftereffects: +Trauma
      +User gets PLEASURE
      +Mental Damage 99.99%
      +Burn (Mental Health Melting)
      +Critical Damage 90%
      +Surrounding people freezes (they’ll have FISH EYES)
      +Imouto sulking to death
      +Oba-san’s privacy is endagered
      +Future Rivals Increased
      +Yanderes (Imouto-chan and Ishihara)
      +Envious Male Population

      such strong CARD!

  2. uwooooh a romance comedy for seinen with potential thank’s alot for letting me this discover!!!! x))
    Please keep this project flowing! :DD

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