Release #66 – Ayane Never Makes an Error! ch 2

Hello again everyone,

Finally, chapter 2 of Ayane!!

Been quite a while because the raws that we had were so horrible no one wanted to work on them… so our lovely leader went out and bought some proper volumes for us.  Well, as a result a rerelease of chapter 1 is also in the work, so look forward to that 🙂

We’re still in need of another redraw, because between our series there’s only two of us.  So if you have some art skill and some time to spare please either visit out Join Us page or come visit us on our IRC channel!

~ psy

Shionomiya Ayane wa Machigaenai - Volume 01 Chapter 02: 2nd Move: Sisters (second half)



6 thoughts on “Release #66 – Ayane Never Makes an Error! ch 2”

  1. Hello staff of MangaIchi Scan! I see that you are not releasing chapters of Gakusen Toshi Asterisk lately, and so I want to make a suggestion for you… How about make partneship on this project with another group and so releasing chapters more often?

    Good luck!

  2. @Hikigaya: Read the sidebar named “current workflow.” We lack proper, dedicated staff for this project. A joint would be nice, but I have my qualms about them.

  3. @Mitsuru-kun: I understand. I hope you find a translator for the this series ASAP. I like her a lot and I accompany this series since it was initiated by Village Idiot Scans.

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