Release #55 – Aizawa-san Zoushoku Chapter 9

Is there anything special happening today? We’re having three releases! Yes, read that again. THREE!!

Here’s the latest Aizawa-san chapter. Thank you to Mitsuru-kun, Zephyrial and psychorhythm for helping out. Forgive me for being drunk while translating this, but I guess it turned out well at the end, didn’t it?


So what are the other two releases? One’s Ayane, the other’s…wait for it XP


Also, we’re having a survey! Mitsuru changed the fonts and we can’t be bothered to change it back so let’s try to see if this style is better-received than our previous font conventions. Do tell us in the comments or on the series’ Batoto page!


Remember, we are always, ALWAYS in need of staff. Click that Recruitment button, now! Okay, enough of the shameless plug. Enjoy your Aizawa Quartet.


Aizawa-san Zoushoku - Volume 02 Chapter 09: Aizawa-san Appears

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