Release #53 – Bright World Project OPERATION22: Missing Love




The turbulence that is BWP continues, and we’re just down to one chapter now. Oh, have I told you guys that Io is best girl?


Good news BTW! Aizawa-san’s newest chapter just came out, AAND we now have raws for Mahou Sensou’s third manga volume, thanks to Mitsuru-kun.  Expect me to pile on the delays translations in a few days.


In the meantime, enjoy your Hotaru fanservice. Thanks to priceR, kenlei2009, psychorhythym, ada, mon, ZP92 and Mitsuru-kun for helping out.


Bright World Project - Volume 03 Operation 22: MISSING LOVE

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    1. We only just started translating Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. At this point in time, we are looking for a permanent translator for the series so if you feel that you are up for it or know someone who is, feel free to apply to join!

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