Release #38 – Mahou Sensou Chapter 8!

Hello there!

Here is a lovely new chapter of Mahou Sensou for you guys!  This concludes the end of volume 2.  Onward to volume 3!  There will be no set release schedule for volume 3 because we no longer have any access to raws. If you know of any raw provider, please let us know.

As for our next release, well, I don’t know for sure.  We are in need of translators for our other series since two have left abruptly. Please apply now!!!

Remember to always thank the staff!

Credits: Bluesky, Kenlei2009, Mitsuru-kun, PKX, and Psychorhythm

Until next time, Mitsuru-kun out!


Mahou Sensou - Volume 02 Chapter 08: Monopoly of the Red Signal

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    1. What? This was dropped years ago, dude. This manga is completed on Kadokawa BookWalker! Go purchase it!

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