Release #334 – Liar’s Paradox Chapter 74.2

Yes, this is still a thing. Please enjoy!

We are in need of translators and staff for the following projects:

1) Monogatari no Naka no Hito: Translator

2) Isekai Mahou Okureteru!: Permanent translator with experience ONLY

3) Asterisk Gaiden: whole team willing to work on this series

4) Nanamaru Sanbatsu: whole new team willing to work on this text-laden series

5) Revolt: Translator

6) Rengoku no Karma: Translator

We are also recruiting generally experienced editors (cleaners and redrawers and typesetters). If interested, please come by our Discord server for more details.

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Usotsuki Paradox - Volume 10 Chapter 74.2: Overtime Pay 7: Ise Manami's Case

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