Release #334 – Liar’s Paradox Chapter 74.2

Yes, this is still a thing. Please enjoy!

We are in need of translators and staff for the following projects:

1) Monogatari no Naka no Hito: Translator

2) Isekai Mahou Okureteru!: Permanent translator with experience ONLY

3) Asterisk Gaiden: whole team willing to work on this series

4) Nanamaru Sanbatsu: whole new team willing to work on this text-laden series

5) Revolt: Translator

6) Rengoku no Karma: Translator

We are also recruiting generally experienced editors (cleaners and redrawers and typesetters). If interested, please come by our Discord server for more details.

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Usotsuki Paradox - Volume 10 Chapter 74.2: Overtime Pay 7: Ise Manami's Case

2 thoughts on “Release #334 – Liar’s Paradox Chapter 74.2”

    1. Hi, unfortunately we are not accepting any new proofreaders at this time. We simply don’t have anything for you to do. Sorry about that! If we had more translators, that might change.

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