Good evening everyone~

How’s everyone from the northern hemisphere enjoying this oh so lovely summer hell?

The heat has zapped my… I was gonna say ‘heat’ but this makes no sense…

! ‘my brain’! That’s what I meant!!! This is partially why we’ve been so slo~w recently, because seriously, you don’t want me QCing stuff at the moment! So, if you’re a less heat zapped reader who has some experience with quality checking come apply and help me~~~~

Usotsuki Paradox - Volume 09 Chapter 73: It is now a truth shared by two liars - a relationship that was over.

4 thoughts on “RELEASE #305 – LIAR’S PARADOX CHAPTER 73”

      1. Good! Will they be doing that Extra volume as well? It seems like its a bit of epilogue for the main 2 and then side stories covering the other prominent girls at the office and their relationships.

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