Release #285 – Rengoku no Karma Chapter 11

The next chapter of this awesome dark series is here!!

With school having ended for the summer for many of us we hope to be a little quicker on the releases. If you’d like them to be even faster we could use another redrawer! Especially for the Mahouka series. Come join us or find tests at our discord server!!

Rengoku no Karma - Volume 02 Chapter 11: High Schooler 11

2 thoughts on “Release #285 – Rengoku no Karma Chapter 11”

  1. PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE DONT go on a hiatus on this one . please. i made the mistake of reading it and i cant get enough. ffs why was i stupid enough to read it when it hade such a bad speed of getting released. i must forget about this manga . it cant be helped i will not wait for 10 years for it to get finished . this will be just like Kangoku Jikken . uploads a few chapters then goes and never release a chapter for months then one year later one chapter. i cant believe i was this stupid ….

    on a separate note. thank you for actually translating/releasing this . its very enjoyable to read .

    oh btw i dont mean you guys are doing a bad job or anything with bad speeds. i just dont like when stuff goes away for too long then i drop it and then come back with one chapter then goes away again for a year 🙁

    1. We’re dead set on finishing the series. Just so hard to pace due to our lack of redrawers. If you or anyone can help out in that regard, feel free to apply!

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