Release #260 – Koroshi Ai 2

Hello everyone~

Releasing chapter 2 of one of our new series today!

I hope everyone has had a nice first week of 2017, everyone here has been enjoying our last week of freedom from school. Back to school means less time means less releases, so anyone with photoshop and even a tiny bit of artistic skill come help us clean and redraw~!

Koroshi Ai - Volume 01 File 02: Trade

~ psy

2 thoughts on “Release #260 – Koroshi Ai 2”

  1. Omggg i can tell im gonna like this manga!!! Its a romance but exciting (mayb there wont even be romance lol??) Bt i Looooove psycho killer characters!!! Plz continue and thanks for the hard workk. U guys are amazinggg xoxox

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