RELEASE #162 and #163 – Aizawa-san Zoushoku Chapter 18 and Ayane Never Makes an Error Chapter 4

Good evening all.

We have two chapters for you today and some news.

Some good news: You may have noticed that we have added a paypal widget to the sidebar.  Please consider donating to us so that we can buy better quality scans and support the authors!

Some not so good news: As you may have heard, Crunchyroll licensed Aizawa-san Zoushoku a few months ago and has released the first two volumes and chapters 16 and 17 on its reader.  Since raws for Chapter 18 were available before the date CR uploaded the chapters, we decided to finish the chapter and drop it officially.

It has been a great 18 (on and off again) months, and the project was very enjoyable. I hope you liked it. Please thank all the staff that worked on the chapters from beginning to end.

Edit: Saiyaku translated this last chapter, and NOT Tadakunii.

We are still looking for more typesetters to help us speed up our releases. If we get more TSers we might consider picking up another series, so you should definitely come up us. If you’re a translator interesting in picking up a new series (or continuing a series that another group has dropped) send up an inquirely via our Join Us page, or come chat on IRC.

Aizawa-san Zoushoku - Volume 03 Chapter 18: Aizawa-san and Penalty

Shionomiya Ayane wa Machigaenai - Volume 01 Chapter 04: Father and Daughter (Part 1)

~psy & Mitsuru-kun

4 thoughts on “RELEASE #162 and #163 – Aizawa-san Zoushoku Chapter 18 and Ayane Never Makes an Error Chapter 4”

  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    Do anyone of you know if Crunchyroll has some kind of priorities with the series? While many of them are up to date (with at most a week’s difference between latest released chapter in Japan and theirs), there are some, like this one, that haven’t seen a release ever since they got licensed, with the translation stopped at the moment they licensed it (or the chapter previous to that) while it continued getting releases in Japan, with no indication of them even resuming theirs.
    I’d ask in their forums, but they have region-lock for that, and while I can read the English releases, I can’t comment on them.

    1. Some weird thing happened today. There had been no advance on this series in CR forever (ever since they licensed it) and today, when I went to check it thinking “what if”, they had suddenly released 2 chapters, which had already become premium-only. It almost looked like they released them as a reaction to your release (and since they were at it, go one chapter beyond).

      1. Well, there you go! Now you don’t have to wait for the next chapter! This made me chuckle a bit.

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