Release #135 – Kurenai no Ansatsusha (Assassin of Crimson)

I am pleased to announce that this oneshot is now complete! Please thank Tadakunii once again for bringing this to our attention spontaneously; he translated it almost 2 months ago, and now it is finally here.

Details of the oneshot are: Story by YAMAGUCHI Mikoto (story writer of Tomodachi Game, Gun X Clover and Dead Tube); Art by WATARU Rei (author of BB HELL)

Please enjoy this oneshot brought to you by the popular Gun X Clover author.

Huge thanks to Rku for doing these horrible redraws and psychorhythm as backup and QC and the rest of the staff for their hard work.

Credits: Tadakunii, Volandum, Psychorhythm, Rku, Taeko, and Mitsuru-kun.

Still looking for more translators and editors for our series! Our main translator for many of the series you love, Tadakunii, is out until further notice due to some events. So expect huge delays for Aizawa, Mahou Sensou (We should be able to finish vol 3 with the next chapter), and Classmate (we have one more chapter translated). News on Ayane, things should speed up! The delays are mainly on the editing side of things. Chapter 11 is translated which concludes volume 2. Anway, until next time…which should not be very long!

Kurenai no Ansatsusha - Chapter 00: Oneshot

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    1. Does this continue from a one shot cause I have a hard time trying to find gender bender where a man rly becomes a women through magic or technology or something

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