Hey there everyone! So you’re interested in helping us out?  Great!  If you’re new to scanlation, please take a moment to read some basic elementary information:

First, although we prefer experienced applicants and highly recommend you take some tests and get feedback before you apply, we accept any applicants who are highly willing to learn and stay to dedicate their time.  We have a number of members who are more than willing to teach you what you need to know.

Second, there are a number of different positions in scanlating:

Translator: the heart of scanlation, without translators, we would be stuck forever. We prefer Japanese->English translators. No prior experience is necessary, but we obviously cannot teach you Japanese, though we may be able to provider a J->E proofreader if needed.

Proofreader: the English experts who look over the translator’s script for errors and awkward English sentencing. If you want to proofread, you should read and follow the series you work on.

Cleaner: the magicians who crop, rotate, and make the pages all nice and pretty.  Previous experience is desired but not required!  I recommend reading some tutorials at Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (this link is expired at the momment, so please see this site for a copy).

Redrawer: the other magic people who are talented artists themselves!  They remove text that covers art and redraw the pictures beneath with the hope that no one will notice a difference.  While there are some tutorials out there, such as the ones at Senbonsakura Kageyoshi (this link is expired at the momment, so please see this site for a copy) experimentation is the only way to become great.

Typesetter: the letterer, they are master of fonts and typography. If you are new to typesetting, I recommend reading Futari wa Pretty Anon’s typesetting guide!

There is also the position of raw provider. You must be willing to buy volumes or magazine raws and scan them for us. I recommend this only if you like the series a lot.

The last position is that of the quality checker.  This is the only job that requires previous scanlation experience, so you should know that it’s the person who makes sure everything in a release is perfect.

Lastly, if you are serious about joining, you must have dedication, good communication skills, and please do not disappear without a word!  While this is a hobby we do take it seriously and count on the people we work with to be reliable and let us know if there’s a problem.   We realize that as a hobby real life, whether school, family or work comes first, if something comes up we expect those we work with to let us know so we can work around it.

If you’ve seen a position you’re interested in you can apply below, or head over to our Discord channel. You will get an immediate response if you come visit our Discord channel and is highly recommended.

For a list of series that are actively looking for members check out our project status page and the table below. We are always looking for staff, especially translators, redrawers and typesetters!

Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta OPENOPENOPENOPENOPEN
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - KyuukousenhenCLOSEDCLOSEDOPENCLOSEDCLOSED
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Natsuyasumi HenOPENOPENOPENCLOSEDCLOSED
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Double Seven HenOPENOPENOPENCLOSEDCLOSED
Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Gaiden - Queen Veil no TsubasaOPENOPENOPENOPENCLOSED
Mathematical Girls: Fermat's Last TheoremCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED

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Estimated hours per week; will this change in the near future (such as for school)? How long do you plan to be with us?

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  1. Are you guys even interested in recruiting more members cause I sent a request twice but never received a reply yet its been long since I sent them

    1. Yes we are. I assume you sent an email? Not sure why we wouldn’t have gotten it. Is it fine if I email you at the email attached to your wordpress account (sat…@gmail.com)?

  2. My 1st time to get interest in redrawer. But where can I practice the Redrawer? Is there a guide? It seems the Senbonsakura Kageyoshi site has been expired?

  3. So are you Really needing help since its been sometime since i sent my will to help you yet i got nothing

    1. Sorry, we have been busy so no one has checked the email. We mainly need translators at the moment..

      1. do u need any translator right now for any manga? do u think u can give me a chance at translating for some of ur
        projct ?

  4. I Just requested to become a par of your growing team!! Hope I have the skill to join you guys (And girls)

  5. I’ve just submitted my application form. How would I know if my request is granted or approved?Thank you.

  6. hi i would like to help you clean, redraw and typeset for the manga Koroshi Ai and etc. please email me

  7. Hello! I sent an application form but I think I might’ve mistyped the email. Did the application send or do I need to reapply?

    1. Hello! Yes, we got your email. I think it would be best if you came by our Discord and talk to us. Message Mitsuru-kun, psy, or bluesky. Thanks for your interest!

  8. Hello. I sent an application for recruitment, but dont know if you have recieved my e-mail. Please answer if you have recieve it. THANKSSSS!!

    1. Yes! Please come by our Discord channel! You can talk to me, Mitsuru-kun! Look for someone named “Rifa”!

  9. Hi! I took some modules in Japanese for a few semesters. However, since I don’t utilize the language everyday, I’m rusty. I’m familiar with hiragana and (hopefully still) katakana – just not confident in my kanji. So, are u still recruiting translators?

  10. Hi I hope I could help you as a proofreader / typesetter although I actually don’t really know much about that so I’m hoping you could help me. Already sent an application but it might have not get sent.

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