Monogatari no Naka no Hito

Author: TANAKA Nijusan
Artist: Kuroyurihime
Synopsis: The daughter of a noble once dreamed of learning magic after she admired the tales of a certain magician described in a folk story. However, her dull time at magic school has damped her passion and motivation for becoming one. She then stumbles upon a magician who saves her from a band of soldiers in the forest when trying to return home from school for the holidays. After saving the girl, the magician decides to accompany the girl back to the magic school! Who is this mysterious and skilled magician?! Is he the magician of legend?! How will the tale of these two people unfold?!
Volume 01
by MSD, 2017.07.31
by MSD, 2017.04.27
by MSD, 2017.03.22