What does MSD stand for?
MangaIchi Scanlation Division.

What’s going on with Mahouka?
“Light Novels, Manga and More”, the group who formerly did “Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei”, left Yuutousei to us preferring to do “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Tsuiokuhen” since their translator is one of the people who actually translated the corresponding light novel volume for Baka-Tsuki.

However you may have noticed that an lone translator did chapters 2-6 of Tsuiokuhen, therefore with her help we have decided to pick Tsuiokuhen back up.

So… why can’t both groups do them?
Scanlating is not like fansubbing, where there are multiple groups doing the same show in the same season. There are simply too many different manga to cover so we would prefer if resources are not wasted. On the other hand, generally, that means that you get the biggest fans, who understand the series best, working on each series.

PKX: I, myself am generally reluctant to let others handle translating since, as a fan, I feel that I can do the best job of the lot as a translator in keeping faithful to the story. However, that is just me. I am still learning Japanese so there will be times when I do not understand something. Furthermore, I have real life to handle as well so releases are slow. Now, if we had another translator, that would be fine, but some of our members are missing.

Okay… but what about Mahouka’s NSCA?
We’d like to pick it back up. Originally we dropped it because MangaStream had picked it up, unfortunately the translator ran into RL, so they’ve stalled out. At the moment we’re looking into a joint with another group, so hopefully you’ll have more Mahouka soon.

How do I download releases?
There are direct download links through our online reader (click on the little button next to the chapter name), or if you’d prefer to use IRC, !list will give you a list of downloads. You can also use our XDCC link up on the menu to get the command for specific releases. Our lovely bot [keiko-chan] also supports queued, and batch downloads. If you’d like a list of the specific triggers for each series, here you go:


Who are your bots?
Kana and [keiko-chan] are our bots at time of posting. Although you will want to call on [keiko-chan] for your download needs.

Psychorhythm: If you’re wondering, Keiko is named after Keiko Yukimura from Yu Yu Hakusho, which happens to be one of my favourites (Mikkun may have coerced me into naming her).

I found a problem with a release! What do I do?
Every release has a blog post where you can make a comment. We’d prefer it if you let us know about a problem on the release specific post, but if you can’t find it let us know on the New Reader post.

I found a problem with the site!/I found a broken link! What do I do?
Please let us know on the original Welcome post.

Can I get links to download your old releases from your old site?

No, that is not necessary.  Grab the links on our projects page or DDL from the online reader on our site!

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  1. why manga himouto umaru-chan is dropped? i hope manga himouto umaru will continues because i will start for donate( just for manga himouto umaru-chan), i hope manga himouto umaru-chan can still update soon

    1. Hello there. Oh, we no longer work on that series. Please check our active project list. We dropped it because the team working on it took it elsewhere. I suggest maybe contacting the group that is working on it. I don’t know who does anymore… sorry. Thanks for the idea of donating but please don’t!

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