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Releases #227 & 228 – Himouto! Umaru-chan Chapters 143-144

Hello all,

Here is more Umaru-chan for you that has been released for some time. There have been delays because much of the staff has been busy.

We really need translators for many of our series. We really need dedicated translators for Revolt, Mahouka, Ayane, Classmate, a new series that we want to pick up (fantasy, shounen), and Seishun scrap. Please consider applying if you could help us out. Also, you can consider donating for raws as another way of helping us!

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Release #224 – Himouto! Umaru-chan Chapter 142

Here is more Umaru! Haven’t released in a while now. The next chapter of Ayane will be here soon, so look forward to that. I heard the Mangaka’s other series Bungo Stray Dogs is getting an anime, so I know Kai will be stoked. Asterisk will most likely be dropped after volume 3 since it has been licensed. We really need translators to continue our projects or the delay is going to go from weeks to months to several months or ungodly a year…

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Releases #199-200 – Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Chapters 16-17

WOO HOO! 200 releases milestone!!! I never thought we would make this far as a group as a lot of people have come and gone and leadership has shifted between people over the past 2 years. I do hope some of the group’s former leaders return soon. And here’s to hoping for more releases in the future! Stay tuned for future releases, everybody!

Asterisk will no longer be completed as a joint with Oni-Scans… please go thank them for their hard work up to this point on working with us to get releases of this out faster. We will now be working with One Time Scans’ FunyaNemui as he will be providing the translations from now on and he has also provided more  raws, so big shout out and thanks to him for helping translate! Look forward to more releases of Asterisk in a timely fashion (lol \o\).

Enjoy two chapters of Asterisk and the Almighty Ayato Amagiri after the jump!

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