Hi everyone!  Welcome to our spiffy new blog!  There are still a few issues to iron out but most everything is working quite nicely.  If you find any problems comment below (for the moment, we have yet to get a contact form up).

On top of the new blog we’ve also added xdcc!  Woooo~  For those who don’t know what that is: it’s a system for directly downloading our releases via IRC.  Just head over to our xdcc page, find the release you want, click, copy and paste it into your IRC client on our channel.  Even if you don’t want to use the xdcc we’d love for you to come talk to us.

Hope you enjoy the new site!


9 thoughts on “Welcome!!”

  1. well, I myself is a big fan of mahouka… but if the other group are taking too long to release their scanlation. isn’t it alright to release yours ahead of theirs? I mean as an avid reader myself we appreciate the efforts of those who translate manga’s and I know we don’t have any rights to complain since we receive it for free. but as a reader we have an eager to get hold of latest releases. we really are humble and thankful for those who released faster. And if other group have taking too long to release, is it your rights to release yours. thats my opinion though. and sorry for my english… I’m just using google translate.

    1. Since when was Google Translate so good?
      Well, scanlating is not like fansubbing where there are multiple groups doing the same show in the same season. There is simply too many different manga to cover so we would prefer if resources are not wasted. On the other hand, generally, that means that you get the biggest fans who understand the series best, working on each series. I, myself am generally reluctant to let others handle it since, as a fan, I feel that I can do the best job of the lot as a translator in keeping faithful to the story. However, that is just me. I am still learning Japanese so there will be times when I do not understand something. Furthermore, I have real life to handle as well so releases are slow. Now, if we had another translator, that would be fine, but some of our members are missing.

      Anyhow, another group has offered to pick up the “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Kyuukousenhen” and I will oversee their work for a while. Please do continue to follow Mahouka as fans, like I do.

      PKX (Translator)

  2. There seems to be an issue with the main hompage and the Join Us! page where all of the symbols, instead of appearing as they should, only appear as “?” in little boxes.

  3. Hi. First off, thanks for scanning and translating all these excellent manga series. Does your group have any plans to release the older Himouto Umaru-chan chapters 1 until 16 and chapters 20 until 29? This is because it is difficult to find the download links for these chapters as Dragon and Griffin Scans site is down, and I do not want to read the manga via online reader.

  4. Hey for some reason the reader doesn’t work and i’m getting 403 Forbidden Error page when i try to click on it.Well i thought it was only me but when i tried with web archive to save that page it got the same problem.It looks like this: http://web.archive.org/web/20150723180707/http://mangaichiscans.mokkori.fr/fs/

    So that makes the clicking on the download or reader page that you post on release page/news doesn’t work for me.I think It’s been like this for awhile.well i hope you can fix this.

      1. Hey Mitsuru-kun, sorry for answering late.Well i found the reason why i got “403 Forbidden Error” when i clicked on the reader and download(those with mediafire icon).IRC/XDCC download works fine..The reason was because “Send referrer information” was unchecked/disabled on my browser settings so once i turn it on/checked the download button and the reader worked again.Weird since i got “403 Forbidden Error” a few days ago when i tried it on another browser but it works fine today o_o. So you can consider my problem fixed now.Thanks for responding to my post and keep it up with the great work your done with these manga releases.I’ll leave this post here in case someone get similar problem with “403 Forbidden Error”.

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