Release #317 – Koroshi Ai Chapter 5!

I know we have been quiet this month, everyone. But I have been swamped with work and everyone else have has busy as well. Here is the next chapter of Koroshi Ai! Expect more releases soon.

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Koroshi Ai - Volume 01 File 05: Car Chase


5 thoughts on “Release #317 – Koroshi Ai Chapter 5!”

  1. Thanks for translating Koroshi Ai 🙂 I had long forgotten about it, but I am pleased it has been picked up. It is nice to read a manga where it isn’t love at first sight or blossoming after just a couple of meetings. Chateau isn’t going to fall for a weirdo and stranger and Ryang-ha seems to be mostly intrigued because of the “scent” and maybe because Chateau is a new face and looks cute.

  2. Oh my gosh please please update I really wanna know what happens next :(( i wish i could help in some way :(((

    1. You could always read the next chapter that was released from the other group! But, its coming soon.

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