Release #233 – Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Ita. Chapter 24

Almost a year after since the last release, chapter 24 is finally here and a very interesting one to boot ! (Makes it feel worthwhile to wait a year lol) Please give super KUDOS and a warm introduction to Euthrosyne who decided to help us translate! The reason it took so long is because our translator for the series and many others, Tadakunii has gone missing, and we simply cannot keep waiting for him to come back. Β He will come back on his own with a renewed resolve, if he ever decides to come back, and we wish him the best wherever he is and whatever he is doing now. To make matters worse, some translators came along and agreed to help, but ended up vanishing soon after making a commitment. Let’s hope we can finally close out this series! I am excitied again for the future to come!

Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Itta. - Volume 05 Chapter 24: Disaster Does Not Come Alone

12 thoughts on “Release #233 – Classmate, Kamimura Yuuka wa Kou Ita. Chapter 24”

  1. My god, this is finally being updated again? Thanks so much, hopefully it gets finished now lol

  2. Hello, I keep seeing that this is completed in Japan, how many chapters are left? I cannot believe this doesn’t have a huge following. Thank you for resuming this manga.

  3. Do you guys have an idea of if, or more hopefully when, you are going to post the next chapter??

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