Release #130 – Seishun Scrap Chapter 3!

THIS CHAPTER TOOK FOREVER BECAUSE OF WICKED REDRAWS. Please thank bluesky and himesaminako for their hard work on some massive redraws. This will be the last release of this series for a while since this  is now stalled because Tadakunii the translator has vanished without a word. Please apply if you are interested in helping out!

Staff credits: Tadakunii, Zephyrial, Bluesky, Himesaminako, and Mitsuru-kun

Seishun Scrap! - Volume 01 Chapter 03

6 thoughts on “Release #130 – Seishun Scrap Chapter 3!”

  1. I was wondering if you guys were still going to work on this manga, i really enjoyed it, also thanks for your hard work.

      1. Hi, are you guys still working on this? If you’re just looking for a translator, I’d be more than glad to help. I know that this series is finished in Japan, and the whole thing is only 9 chapters long, so I’d love to see the ending.

        1. Hello there! Yes, it is currently in the works after taking sooo long to find a translator. If you’d like to help, we could use a translator/proofer to help check the current translator’s work since English is not his primary language. Come find us on IRC or send in an application through the “Join Us” tab. We want to see this through the end as well!

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