Release #113 – Skip! Yamada Oneshot

This has been in the pipeline being worked on behind the scenes for MONTHS. I am glad to put this out finally for you all! Please enjoy this oneshot from the mangaka that brought you Death Note and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Ohba Tsugumi and Robico! HUGE thanks to RKU, our savior redrawer for this 50 page beast; Himesaminako for providing his redrawing prowess and to help fix up minor details here and there; Tadakunii and Emiko Yuuki (she vanished after PRing this…) for the script; Hikari (he also vanished midway…) and Lemmieh for lettering; Psychorhythm for providing feedback on my cleans and giving me tips; Bluesky for checking my horrendous cleans XD; and KenXyro for providing higher quality raws to make this release of a higher standard.


Skip! Yamada-kun - Chapter 00: Oneshot

4 thoughts on “Release #113 – Skip! Yamada Oneshot”

  1. Hi, hope you’re all doing fine~ :3
    I’m from spanish scanlation called “Kurai Wonderland Fansub” , and me and my group are interested in retranslating this oneshot, so I’m wondering if you can give us permission to use your translations and scans please >,<?
    Sorry to bother you, thank you♥

    1. Sure, but please be sure to include our credit page or at least the names on the credits. CREDIT US.

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