Hello! Anyone say Yankee battle comedy?!

To be honest, this sort of reminds me a lot of Yankee-kun and Megane-chan, but with different plot and characters and relationships. Team MSD brings you a new series picked up by Tadakunii (a personal favorite of his) and co. This has been in the pipeline for a while now, so please thank the staff who all worked very hard on this!!! Special thanks to KB1011 and Asiori for their inputs on the script! Grab the release after the Jump!

Staff: Bluesky, Himesaminako, Mitsuru-kun, Nielle, and Tadakunii

Credit Page: Psychorhythm

Seishun Scrap! - Volume 01 Chapter 01


15 thoughts on “Release #106 – NEW SERIES: SEISHUN SCRAP!”

  1. Thanks for releasing the translated version. A few friends of mine who can’t read japanese were quite interested and now they can finally read it. Just a quick question why is there a “5” after the name? LOL it should be “Amario” although I don’t really mind. Well regardless raw for chapter 2 is up, and will release chapter 3 some time next month. Thanks again ^_^

    1. Shiiiiit, Amario, do you translate? Crap, I thought your name had a 5 or S at the end, my bad. That won’t happen again, I asssure you LOL

      1. On occasions but that is usually around light novels although these days I am more of a raw provider for novels. Manga wise its more personal reading since my time frame changes constantly in terms of being able to read it since I am relatively busy making it difficult to read at times (in peace and quiet). Even now I am replying through phone…..

        Once again I give thanks for translating it, a few of my friends were very happy and for that you have my gratitude. ^_^

        1. Hehe, thanks for providing the raws, man. I’ll get your name right next time lol the series is really nice.

  2. Hi!

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