New Reader! WOO!

Hey Everyone! Guess what? We have a new reader! WOOOO! \o/

Yes yes, I know, it’s very exciting, however since it’s but a wee baby it may need some tender love and care. So, if you find any issues please let us know.

And, also in the news today: Our Recruitment Page has been revamped, and is now oh so pretty. Currently, we’re mostly looking for translators but there are at least a few other positions open. We especially want to start releasing Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Nine Schools Competition Arc again, but have no translator with the time to release consistently. So if you’re interested in helping us fill out the application… do it, DO IT NOW!!

Also, it’s not on the recruitment page, but if you’re interested in contributing banners or other graphics, or designing us a wordpress theme fill out an application, because that would be awesome!

3 thoughts on “New Reader! WOO!”

  1. I’m happy you guys wanna continue the 9 school arc again 🙂 the manga is so much more enjoyable than the anime.

  2. And the LN is probably better than the manga \o/

    But, yeah. I am enthralled that our group gets to work on it again, two of my more active staff are absolute Mahouka fanatics. Stay tuned for updates!

  3. So, as pointed in faq, write there about problem with release. Not exactly problem, more like can’t find it at all. There chapter 4.5 of Mahou Sensou on batoto that supposedly done by your group but on your site there is no mentions about this one, would be good if there will be some kind of clear position on this, thx in advance. 🙂

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